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Safety Edges

These safety edges are supplied with the option to use a standard N/C circuit to connect to standard safety edge connections on some control panels. If CAT2 level of protection is required then they can be used with the N/O contact monitored by the ECB control board. In both modes of operation these safey edges fail safe.

ECB control board

Mechanical Safety Edge 1m - 2.5m

Wireless receiver and transmitter:

Kit comprises 1 battery operated transmitter with a guaranteed battery life of 2 years and 1 receiver. The system operates on 868.95 Mhz & 869.85 Mhz to ensure a reliable radio link between transmitter & receiver. The transmitter sends a signal every 5 seconds to the receiver to ensure communication. In the event of radio interferance the system will change frequency in several milliseconds. In the event of communication failure the system goes into safe mode, supplying a control signal to the gate controller to stop the automatic gate from operating.

The receiver operates on 12/24 v ac/dc.

This system provides a high level of reliability due to the dual frequency operation.

Up to 10 transmitters can be programmed to 1 receiver.

Profiles available from low profile 30mm upto 80mm.